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How Data Privacy Rules Force us to Go Back to Basics

How Data Privacy Rules Force us to Go Back to Basics

Derek Lackey

What is the key role of marketers today? Is it to generate leads for the sales team, or strategically position the company to win? Discover the answer in this episode of Marketing Unfucked featuring my special guest, Derek A. Lackey.

Derek is the Managing Director of Newport Thomson, a company that seeks to assist marketers to update their data practices to comply with new privacy and data protection laws around the world – including the new privacy regulations in Canada.

Tune in to learn how to market to consumers while respecting their data and privacy. You’ll also find out why Derek believes that the secret to unfucking our marketing starts with respecting your customer’s data and privacy.

In this episode:

Why marketers have become digital executioners rather than strategic marketers

Why the key role for marketers should be to strategically position the company to produce results

Why companies should consider dividing marketing from digital marketing teams

How marketers can gain consumer’s consent

Canada’s new privacy regulations and how it will impact how we market to consumers

The problem with the lack of creative thinking in digital advertising

Will personalized marketing have a place in the future of digital advertising and marketing?

Top tips for marketing in Canada in light of the new privacy regulations

The best consent management tools for marketers

How better consent management can help increase consumers’ trust in a company

Why more companies need to use legitimate interest

How legal oversight can damage your customer relationships

How he would fix the problem with today’s marketing industry

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