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Marketing Unf*cked
What does data-centric marketing really mean?

What does data-centric marketing really mean?

Let's debunk some misconceptions.

So many businesses say they have a data-led strategic approach to their marketing…but what does that really mean? Our two hosts Siobhan and Russell debunk common misconceptions about marketing analytics and tell you the real metrics you should pay attention to. 

Small business owners often make the mistake of not fully understanding where their marketing dollars are going. This sticky issue has a fancy term: attribution marketing. That is, if you spend x amount of dollars, what’s the true return? Where are the customers coming from? How much do you need to spend for them to find you?

Join me and fellow host, Russell McAthy, on Marketing Unf*cked as we talk through the analytics that can shift the needle in your business and how to identify them. Russell is a marketing attribution expert. We talk about the common pitfalls he sees business of all sizes make when trying to master the data-led approach to marketing. 

We’ll dig into how you can dig deep to ask the right questions to improve performance markers, the pitfalls of software like Google Analytics and the metrics you need to measure for success (and the ones to ignore!)

  • The truth about what data-led strategic approach really means.

  • Why it is important to be data-driven in an actionable way.

  • Should you use opinion-based hypotheses or evidence-based decision-making to transform your marketing?

  • The 5 whys method - How to ask the right questions to identify how to make your performance better.

  • Identifying the levers of change in your business framework isn’t always easy.

  • How politics in business can get in the way of your marketing strategy.

  • Cost per acquisition vs number of returning customers - which metrics really matter?

  • When is your business ready for the mindset change necessary to unf*ck your marketing?

  • Google Analytics encourages you to ask the wrong marketing questions.

  • How to identify the best program to support your marketing strategy.

  • The difference between Google Analytics 3 and Google Analytics 4.

  • You need other data resources to build a more holistic portrait of your marketing data.

  • How to get the best answers from all advertising platforms. Is machine learning the only answer?

  • Statistics on how cost per acquisition changes from new customers to returning customers.

  • How to follow through with marketing attribution in the face of the current privacy landscape.

  • The “cookieopolis” - do cookies still work?

  • The pitfalls of Facebook advertising.

  • CPM (cost per mille/impressions) model vs CPC (cost per click) model vs CPA (cost per acquisition) model - which is better?


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Marketing Unfucked
Marketing Unf*cked
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