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Using CDR as Your Guide to do Better

Using CDR as Your Guide to do Better

with Tim Frick

Ever wonder if there are any principals that can guide an organization way to being better?

Join me on Marketing Unf*cked as I speak with Tim Frick, advocate for the responsible, equitable, and sustainable use of design and technology, about Corporate Digital Responsibility and its’ 7 principals.

In this weeks episode:

  • the 7 principals of Corporate Digital Responsibility

  • using b-corp assessment to help understand impact

  • the importance of aligning your story

  • how marketing can avoid green-washing, woke-washing, rainbow-washing...

  • the affect of digital on the environment - no, it's not all good!

  • where the team the created CDR envisions it going in the long term

Resource mentioned in this episode:

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Tim Frik on Twitter

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7 Core CDR Principles (blog)

CDR Infographic (PNG file)

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Mighty Bytes Code of Ethics 

CDR Manifesto (page on a full blog dedicated to CDR)

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