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The Importance of Inclusive Marketing

The Importance of Inclusive Marketing

Sonia Thompson

How do we create more inclusive marketing? It’s all about intentionality. Strategist and consultant Sonia Thompson shares her advice on how to choose your audience, serve their needs, and make them feel included in all aspects of your business.


How can we be more inclusive in our marketing, intentionally? What steps can we take to choose an audience, make them feel seen, and avoid excluding others along the way?
Join me on Marketing Unf*cked as I speak with Sonia Thompson, an inclusive marketing strategist and consultant. She helps brands win customers by delivering inclusive and remarkable experiences that make them feel like they belong.
Tune in to learn how to create an authentic and inclusive marketing plan that connects with your audience, and can grow along with your business. Sonia shares her 5 Degrees of Inclusivity, the importance of knowing your values, and how all of this will make your brand more successful — in more ways than one.

In this episode:

  • Brands unintentionally exclude people, because they don’t decide who they want to specifically include.

  • How can you re-think customer personas to better address the needs of your audience?

  • Start small, be realistic about who you can serve now, and scale as you grow.

  • Inclusive marketing isn’t about including everybody every time, it’s about intentionality.

  • What can you do to make sure your audience feels seen in your marketing materials?

  • You can serve a specific audience while still welcoming others.

  • How to choose who to serve with your brand.

  • Sonia’s 5 Degrees of the Inclusivity Spectrum.

  • How does better inclusion affect the success of your overall business?

  • Inclusion and customer experience are intertwined.

  • To create an inclusive marketing plan that sticks, you have to align it with your values, and apply it to all aspects of your business.

Find Sonia on LinkedIn here.
Sonias website is here.


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