Marketing Unfucked
Marketing Unf*cked
Let go of assumptions to better understand your customers

Let go of assumptions to better understand your customers

Janis Thomas

Marketers often exist within a bubble that messes with their perception of their audience. They build ideas about their customers based on their own desires and preconceived notions about different segments, thinking that older audiences are slow and don’t engage with brands online. That an instant conversion is always a win. And, most dangerously, that everyone looks and acts like them.

This is based on ego, not data, and is totally F*cked. But how do you move away from comfortable ideals and begin to engage with your audience in a way that drives higher lifetime value by embracing their diversity and changing behavior?

Join me, Siobhan Solberg, and my co-host Russell McAthy as we speak to Janis Thomas, Ecommerce Marketing Director of Look Fabulous Forever and ex-Marketing Director at Birchbox, about everything from marketing Playboy to young men to marketing make-up to post-menopausal women.


In this episode:

  • The challenge for businesses that utilize social acquisition combined with a subscription model to understand whether their marketing is having a positive or negative impact on customer retention

  • How does moving away from chasing the short-term goal of instant conversion and towards lifetime value work?

  • How does Fabulous Forever create marketing around a subject people often don’t want to talk about while avoiding leaning too heavily on Last Click Attribution?

  • Do you get any negative feedback on presenting an accurate portrayal of older women in your marketing?

  • Is there any quantitative research that explains why this older audience takes longer to convert?

  • Are there any benefits to targeting customers with lower expectations of site speed and load time?

  • How can e-commerce marketers avoid the common pitfall of believing their customer looks and acts like them? How do we Unf*ck the process of defining customer personas and make them realistic?

  • How have the learnings from having a diverse marketing background (News International, Playboy, video streaming) helped you keep up with a rapidly changing market and audience?

  • What are the company-wide benefits of marketers with different expertise, from direct mail to social media, engaging with each other and understanding how they can work together and learn from each other?

  • Creating a culture where everyone can submit an idea for optimization helps improve the customer experience in the long run because it invites ideas from people without pre-made assumptions.
    How are you addressing the cost of living issue and supporting a customer base that is largely no longer working?

  • Do you feel data is allowing you to make drastic decisions quicker than expected?

  • Getting into mentoring and how to access mentoring support. What’s to be gained from becoming a mentor?

  • Mentoring is important for women, in particular, to help one another take the next step up in their careers, and encourage more women to consider where a board role may fit in their career. It is an important two-way relationship between mentor and mentee.



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