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Are you using spy pixels in your email?

Are you using spy pixels in your email?

with David Smyth

Did you know that many of the emails you receive from organizations contain tiny spy pixels? 


Dave Smyth, Designer, and Developer at Scruples Studio joins the Marketing Unf*cked podcast to discuss how organizations use ‘spy pixels’ to send your email data back to the original sender - and the steps you can take to protect your privacy.


Spy pixels relay private information about how you engage and interact with your emails back to the original sender. These sneaky little pixels can log information such as if and when an email is opened, what device was used to open it, and some can even access a rough estimate of your physical location using your IP (internet protocol) address.


Listen to this episode of the Marketing Unf*cked podcast to hear what Dave has to say about spy pixels, including how to eliminate them from your emails.


In this episode:


·      00:24 – How spy pixels are used to collect data 

·      01:03 – What information spy pixels relays back to the original sender  

·      02:09 – How Dave learned the truth about the privacy implications of spy pixels 

·      03:33 – Alternative methods to track open rates while preserving the user’s privacy

·      05:23 – How to block spy pixels

·      06:43 – Why tracking open rates accurately may no longer be a viable option for marketers

·      08:05 – How marketers can optimize their email marketing strategies

·      09:31 – How marketers can eliminate spy pixels from their emails

·      10:14 – Signs that could reveal whether or not your emails are tracked by spy pixels

·      11:10 – How users can prevent organizations from including spy pixels in their emails

·      13:12 – How to address the issue of spy pixels with small businesses

·      14:43 – Examples of email marketing software that you can use as a marketer that makes it easy to remove spy pixels 


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